Our Company

OptiKool Australia is a solutions based company servicing businesses that utilise refrigeration.
We differentiate ourselves in the market place by providing exceptional customer service whilst also identifying solutions for the inherent problems arising from the operation of refrigerated equipment.

We demonstrate to our customers the effectiveness and efficiency of our product and service at no cost or obligation. Not until we have proven to our customer the benefits of our system, do we then, and only then, charge for our services.

OptiKool Australia has offices in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia. Our rapidly growing network allows us to provide exceptional service, from the smallest corner café, right through to the larger multistore national business, all with unmatched personal service.

Our business philosophy is to exceed our customer’s expectation by under promising and over delivering. Complementing our guaranteed exceptional service is our philosophy that relationships with our customers are of paramount importance to both your business and ours.

The five Directors of OptiKool Australia each owns and operates a Franchise to ensure that we maintain close contact with our clients, and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the industries we serve.

We welcome you to contact us directly should you wish to discuss your needs with us personally.


Our Product

OptiKool uses specially designed refrigeration enhancement filters which allow cold storage facilities to operate at their optimum, 24/7.

The secret to the performance of these filters lies with a compound housed within the filter bag; a natural compound that is mined, then utilised in its unprocessed state. This natural compound has the unique ability to absorb minute particles of moisture from the air when placed at temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius.

What makes this natural compound unique is its ability to also de-absorb (or release) crisp fresh moisture back into a refrigerated environment. This unique quality is in stark contrast to desiccants which simply soak up moisture thereby risking the quality of the products contained in the facility.

The benefit of having a product that both absorbs and de-absorbs moisture is that it acts as a humidity buffer, keeping the humidity level within a refrigeration facility far more constant than would ordinarily be the case.

The end result is a higher quality product for the table or the shelf. A product that is fresher and crisper with a longer shelf life. A significant advantage to your business, and a welcome benefit to your customers!

Additionally, cold storage facilities will remain drier, colder and cleaner, mould growth will be eliminated, and bacterial risk significantly reduced. Furthermore, the workload of compressors is also significantly reduced, resulting in a decrease in servicing and maintenance costs, and lower electricity charges. Your company’s carbon footprint will be reduced and both your stakeholders and the environment will benefit as a result!


Dave Bond – Queensland
P: 1800 330 360
M: 0412 502 863
E: dave.bond@optikool.com.au